Shark Jaw Bone Camo


Shark Jaw Bone Camo Bracelet

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Survival Bracelet made with  Type lll 550  Woodland Camo Paracord.
Shark Jaw Bone Weave  Design over 4 Strand Core shown with Survival Buckle /Striker and Compass.

Handcrafted Standard Survival Bracelet using a  continuous length of 10ft to 12ft of Paracord depending on wrist size and design.

Type III 550 Paracord is a commercial grade version of Military Spec Parachute Cord
(MIL-C-5040), this is high quality cord .

  • 7 strand core
  • 550lb minimum breaking strength
  • 3.5mm (1/8″) diameter
  • Commercial grade
  • Manufactured in North America
  • Mold, mildew, rot and UV resistant
  • Colour will not bleed

How To find your wrist size

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