Survival Buckle Types

Plastic Side Release Buckle
Standard Bracelets would have a 5/8 inch Buckle (1 1/2 “Long by 3/4″ Wide)
Light Bracelets would have a Smaller 3/8 inch Buckle . (1″ long by 1/2” Wide)




Adujustable Stainless Steel Shackle
Shackles are a great way to add a little more flair to your paracord bracelet. These shackles come with an adjuster bar. The adjuster bar allows you to make the bracelet up to 1″ smaller or larger.

Adjustable Gun Metal Shackle


Plastic Side Release with Whistle  1/2 Inch

1 3/4″ Long by 3/4″ Wide


Fire Striker Buckle Survival Buckles




Survival Buckle with Compass and Fire Striker 1/2 inch
Comes in Black Orange and Green
2″Long by 1″ Wide


Camo Buckle

Camo Side Release Flat Plastic Buckle with Whistle 5/8 inch
Comes in Green or Urban Camo
2″ Long by 1″ Wide